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Same day electrical cooker repairs


In this era of recycling, 'green' thinking and rising prices, more and more consumers are thinking twice before replacing trusty equipment in their homes.


If your cooker or oven has given up or you are worried about its efficiency, call us at OVEN EXPRESS and our experienced engineers will quickly diagnose the problem.


We are skilled at fixing cooker problems at a very competitive price, making the exclamation 'I could have just bought a new cooker!' a thing of the past.


The vast amount of stock we have available means that over 95% of our service visits result in same day repairs for our customers.




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Repairs and spares for built-in ovens


Whatever the size and specification of your single or double oven, we can service it. Single and built-in ovens, whether they are fan-assisted, multi-function or statically controlled can all be accessed and removed from their housings very efficiently by our engineers.


As with our services for free-standing cookers and ranges, for your peace of mind oven clean express will carry out a full professional safety check. This is included in your repair.


There are no hidden charges with our service - what we quote is what you pay.




Helpful tips for your built-in oven:

•If your oven doesn't seem to be working, make sure it is not on an automatic timer

•If your oven is constantly overheating, you may have damaged wires or thermostat.